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 R4 Chat Rooms 2.04

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Tác giảThông điệp

Tổng số bài gửi : 173
Join date : 25/08/2010

Bài gửiTiêu đề: R4 Chat Rooms 2.04    Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:13 pm

Hi R4 Fans!

This is a Free Chat Program Based Of Yahoo!!

Logs In Yahoo IDs
Makes Custom Chat Rooms!
If The Admin Rooms Manager is Online...All Rooms made are Stored... and Publically Veiwable..
For others to Request to Join.....Yes you can Decline anyone from joining your chat room!
So your room can be public to join... or Private! FOr your Group/Clan/Gang/Whatever...

Can Ban a user from joining your chat room, Auto Allow Join Request... ore Kick a user!
Supports Smileys, and Private Voice Chat for any Room Made!
No other programs, room locker, spam tools, support this.... so NO BOTS!
If your ID where... booted... it auto relogs in for you, an you continue chatting no problems...
If you Make the Room, an Leave the Room.... All users are Kicked from the Room...

And more.. check it out!

NOTE: Myself is the Admin, and Rooms Manager. I can Join any room anytime, to Monitor behaviour, An Ban any ID, from joining Rooms, And Creating Rooms... So Behave, Chat Nicely!

Normal Entered Room

fixed login..
fixed fonts
fixed smiley error
fixed font banning
fixed admin controls
Fixed Voice Ghosted Users

added new updater
added new Smileys
added new Dialog On User Keyed Up You Can Now Left Click The Uuser On Mic
added commands /help (Chat Command Help: /cls Clears the history, /help Displays this message, /ver Displays What Version You Are Useing, /os Lets You Know What You're Operating System Is, /time Tells You The Time, /date Tells You Todays Date, /year Tells You The Year .)
added new servers
added new left click on user list..
added a styleish mute button
added more font size's & fonts and more colours
added a new ghost user detection


Enjoy... might see you there!


This Aint A Yahoo Client It Will NoT Go InTo Yahoo Rooms...

its dead simple too use if you would like too join a room thats already open..

step 1. sign a yahoo name in..
step 2. click a room on the user list..
step 3. press request too join
step 4. on the main chat top left press the r4 chat menu scroll down to voice on

and your done

too create your own room.. you do this..

step 1. sign a yahoo name in..
step 2. press create/host a room
step 3. a box apeares type a room name you want for exsample "R4Chat" or "Yahoo Sux" or what ever you want..
step 4. too keep that room open you have too keep that hosted room you just made open so other users can join you if you close it the room close's

and your done all sorted thats basicly it for r4 chat

its just a place where too go too get away from bots/porn bots/ mass iggys.
pms and much more its just your room you can control who you want in like firends if you don't want them in you can remove them from your room hope this helps you with your problems

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R4 Chat Rooms 2.04
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