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 R4 Multi Room DJ ( Mr-DJ ) Version 1.6 Free

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Tổng số bài gửi : 173
Join date : 25/08/2010

Bài gửiTiêu đề: R4 Multi Room DJ ( Mr-DJ ) Version 1.6 Free    Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:39 pm

Update Info - New Ymsg Servers For Login!

-Now 10 Bot Capable! 10 Different Chat Rooms!
-Updated Login Servers! And Auto Login Server Testing!

The Idea of this MR-DJ Tool!
Is to be able to Play your Music, to Multiple Chat Rooms, at 1 Time!
While being able to Chat to 1 or All Rooms at the Same Time!
And with help of Domination Connections, Hold an Dominate the Mic for Multiple Rooms!
And best of All!!! Doing it All from 1 Easy To Use Program!
And with Ymsg102 Login, All IDs are 99% Unbootable!


-10 Bot Login, 10 Room Capable, 10 Voice Capable, 10 Dominations Capable!
-Yes Joins Multiple Rooms, 1 ID per Room, and Multi Voices, Multi Chats!
-Ymsg 15/16/17/102 Login protocols! (Recommended 102)
-Uses Multiple Login Cookie Servers, Ymsg Servers, Captcha Servers And Voice Servers!
-Support for 90 Smileys! And Sending Chat To Room/s!
(Send Message To 1 Room From 1 ID, Or To All Rooms From All IDs!)
-Supports Joining Voice Normal, Or With Domination! (Domination Adjustable)
-Supported Viewing Chat For Any 1 Room at a Time, OR ALL Rooms at 1 Time!
-Shows Users Joining Or Leaving Voice And From What Room!
-Shows Users Joining Or Leaving Chat Room And From What Room!
-Main Status Shows, The ID And How Many Ignores It Has, Whenever An ID gets Voice Ignored!
-Auto Ignore All Keyups System, That Helps to Hold the Mic better when On!
-Options to Keyups all IDs on Voice, or Key Down!
-Smart Listners Display for Each Seperate ID, and a Total Amount Overall Shown aswel!
-Also shows the Percentage of Listners from Multiple Rooms that your Holding Mic In!
-Can Keyup or Down any One Bot that has Voice... Click the Bot to See Options!
-Can have 1 Select Chat Bot at a time, to send Chat To, Or View ChatRoom Text for....
-Or just View Chat for All Rooms, and Talk back to Room of your Selected Chat Bot!
-And at any Tme Spam or Send your Dancing Smiley Too All Rooms at a Click!
-If Yahoo Kicks Any ID, or it Logs In Else where , ETC
(The Bot Smileys Goes PURPLE! Then You Can Click It, and See the Option too,)
(Relogin & Rejoin it To Its Chat Room it was In! Then after joining it, Voice it Up!)
-Resizable Chat Window!
-Main Window can be set to Stay On Top, for when Chat Window is FullScreen prehaps...

HOW TO USE!!!!!!

-Load 10 ID's to Use in Rooms or how ever many your Desire tom Dominate! (Max 10)
-Add 10-14 Rooms to List, The Extra's are Incase a Room is to Full to Get in...
-Login the ID's!
-Join The IDs to Rooms!

-Click a Bot in Room, an from pop up menu select it to be the Chat Bot ID!

-Join 1 at a Time an wait a 30 seconds to 1 minute before joining the Next One!
-Click the Bot in Room you want to Voice Up....
-Select Join with Domination, or Join Normal to not have Domination!

-Joining Normal you will get stepped on Easy, But join Voice Fast! And 1st Try!
-Joining With Domination, is Slow to Connect an Hook the Domination....
It can take upto 20 Seconds! If Status says the ID got Dom... And...
The Smiley doesnt change to a Got Voice Smiley.. Then it Failed to Voice!
So you can Tell it to Try Join Again, Or Start Tryna Join The Next One....
Then Come back to Retry it in a Minute or 2....
-If it Starts to Say Voice Error for ever time, and bot your try Join to Voice....
Then your Probably Voice IP Banned by Yahoo! So change IP if you can, or wait till 2mrw!
-Take your Time Voicing the Bots to Domination.... and you Shouldnt end up banned at all!


Reminder, After any 1 ID gets Voice, your Sound Card Stream Settings, Mic Settings, Whatever,
Will probably Reset itself each time One Joins.... So Best to Set the Level for Mic Volume, Etc...
AFTER Getting all the Bots on Voice!

-Can Click a Bot with Voice an Select the Option to Key up or Down!
-Or Use the Lock all Mics, Unlock All Mics!


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R4 Multi Room DJ ( Mr-DJ ) Version 1.6 Free
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