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 ___security key____

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: ___security key____    Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:43 pm

A Yahoo Security Key will add an extra layer of protection to keep your Yahoo E-Mail Account and Screen Name safe from hackers and crackers.
What is a Yahoo! Security Key?
A Yahoo! Security Key is a personal access code (like
the PIN you use at the ATM) designed to protect your
most sensitive information displayed on Yahoo!.
First..go to this link:


At the upper left hand corner of this page please note the area.."forgot security key" here
Now you are presented with a log in page...log in with your Yahoo ID you want to obtain a security key for. will be ask once again to verify your so.

You are now presented with a page noting the header:
Yahoo Security Key Sign Up
Choose A Security Key
Now..enter the security key you have chosen and verify it....[ not use your regular password as your security key ]

Now you are ask to select a secret question....then to supply an answer to the secret question
Please..use this example for security questions and answers:
Security Question..Favorite City
Security Question Answer:I like cheeto's..[ no one is going to guess this type of security question answer ]
Note your default e-mail address...[use a real e-mail address other than Yahoo]
Note your zip code and country..[it does not need to be your real zip code and may be differant than the one you have noted on your Yahoo account ].
Now..print out this page for future reference.
Now simply click the submit button.
Hint:if you get a "page cannot be displayed " message do not worry..simply use the "go back" feature of your browser.
You are now presented with a page asking you to verify your security key to continue..enter your security key and log in.
Here is the trick...You will receive a "page cannot be displayed message".. at this point....Do not worry..simply hit the go back feature of your browser.You will then receive a page asking you to enter your security key to continue.
Do not enter your security key at this time...simply go to the top of the page and click the Yahoo icon.You will now be directed to Yahoo's main page..and as you can see you are still logged in.
Click on the Yahoo Mail icon at the top of the Yahoo page.
Once in your mail the account icon at the top of this page...enter your regular Yahoo password and you are now into your Yahoo account.
Please note at this time the area of this page that says"change password".
Look under this area.
Now you will also have a "Change your Security Key" notation here.
You now have a security key...and your Yahoo Account is for all practical purposes uncrackable and unhackable.
I know this must seem like a lot of work..but after you do it one will see that is is really simple to do..and well worth doing to protect your Yahoo Account.
I do hope this is helpful to those of you who are concerned about the security of your Yahoo Account.Yes..we have played a little trick on Yahoo...but your account is now secure..and you did not need to use a credit card.
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___security key____
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